Indian people are somewhat fond of their railway’s system. They like to travel by train more than any other mode of transport because it is quite comfortable and affordable, but apart from this, system is very convenient to use even if a person is not travelling. The network of Indian Railway is also spread in an advanced manner that one can easily go to any city or town by trains. Recently there are many changes introduced in Indian Railway, which have improved the level of the services offered by it. Different routes of new trains, new services, etc are some points, which have attracted many passengers to it. The improved frequency of trains and services like booking, checking PNR are made easier, which are also very positive points that have helped Railway to improve.

Services offered:

There are many services, which are launched online by the railway authority for the benefit of the passengers. The below mentioned things can be done easily through online facilities provided by the official website of Indian Railway.
• Ticket booking
• Inquiry on train running status
• IRCTC PNR Inquiry status
• Checking seat availability, etc.

All these facilities have made the life of a common person very simple and have given him the convenience of travelling with comfort. People need not have to travel to long distant stations to get their ticket book or stay worried on their PNR status when they did not get a confirmed ticket. Now they have the online comfort in their hands to solve all the issues they think will be impacting their journey in a train.

About The PNR:

PNR is a ten digit number, which is given to the passenger as an identification number, which is unique for everyone. With the help of this number, the passenger can track his reservation at different times. When one books his ticket, he has to register his information like email ID, Phone number etc with the railway system and along with this information, the journey details are linked in the system.

For the purpose of checking this information, there are a few methods which the person can follow.

These are:
• Checking the PNR status on the official website of Indian railways
• Sending an SMS
• Calling a particular number

By the above means, it is very easy for a person to get all the information related to PNR. He needs to mention his PNR in the inquiry and will get the information in return. The online mode of getting the information is the most effective of all as what a person has to do is to enter the PNR number in the inquiry page, and he will be able to read the information available on the web page. The SMS and call methods are also effective, but for this, one needs to carry the related number along with him, which is not very difficult these days as the mobile phones provide the facility of saving the contacts in its memory.